James is male. 28 years old from Bettendorf, Iowa. Graduated from the University of Iowa with a BSc in Physics.

Currently James is a particle physicist working on detector upgrade research for the CMS detector at CERN, while searching for a heavy Majorana Neutrino.

James likes to play music and is an accomplished percussionist, pianist, and guitarist. And he once played the violin, until his sister needed a new flute, so the violin was sold to buy a new flute. But he is not bitter.

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Reina del Cid came to JW's basement, and recorded 5 vocal tracks. This 5 song EP is the result. Justin Mann played the bass and trumpet tracks. JW recorded the other instruments, and mixed the EP. MasterDisk in NYC did the mastering.

Update: Reina del Cid has removed the album for sale, turning it into a collector's item.

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